Designer Belly tattoos are also amazing eye catchers. Now days Temporary Navel Tattoos are the IN-thing in fashion... From the Fashion shows of Italy to the streets of California, Belly Tattoos’ craze can be seen all over the world. Sticker Navel Tattoos are very much in vogue and looks quite elegant -- you can use different designs to go with any occasion or outfit. They are completely safe and non toxic. Try some from our beautiful Belly Crystal Tattoo range and see the difference in your personality!!!

These beautiful belly tattoos can be used to accessories both the " Belly " also called as "Naval Tattoos" and also to beautify your breasts (if used in pairs) to surprise your beloved one .
Our Belly Tattoos are ideal to wear in for Events, Hen's parties, Belley Dances, on beaches or night clubs . Our belly tatoo makes u look hot and happening and sizzle everywhere!!

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We are Crystal Body Tattoo Manufacturers & exporting these products to various countries like USA, Australia, UK, Canada, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Turkey, Russia, Slovenia, Portugal, France, China, Japan , Korea, Italy etc

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Note :- If you don't see something in our catalogue, which you think would be a popular addition to our range, please, feel free to suggest it to us we can produce custom designs for a reasonably competitive price.