We offer promotional henna stencils that can be used as airbrush stencils also. These stencils help you create beautiful Temporary Airbrush tattoos which can be an exciting and memorable promotion that your guests will love. This fresh and original attraction is fun for both young and old. Better still, we can turn any logo into a tattoo for wonderful promotions. This is a great novelty and really makes customers feel involved in the brand, In fact most will continue to sport your advertising until it washes off!

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We exports these Tattoo Stencils to countries like USA, Canada, Japan, UK, Netherland, Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Latvia, Swedan, Russia, Croatia, Korea, Holland, Italy & other European countries

Give the guests at your next event, promotion, or corporate event a truly unique experience by indulging them with fun and funky temporary airbrush tattoos! People love the pleasure of this leading edge entertainment and it gives them the opportunity to be daring, candid, and adventurous, without long term consequences!

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* The Indicia depicted on these products are trade mark of respective corporate, university, club or institute.

Note :- If you don't see something in our catalogue, which you think would be a popular addition to our range, please, feel free to suggest it to us we can produce custom designs for a reasonably competitive price.