Your logo will shine at its best with our Promotional Crystal ( Rhinestone ) Tattoos. Adding crystals with your brand can really add wings to your brand / logo. We have a wide range of Customized Crystal Tattoos & various innovative ways to make your logo as elegant Promotional Crystal Tattoo.

We are the Crystal Tattoo Manufacturers & exporters of Temporary Tattoos customised with your brand or logo. The temporary fake tattoo is very popular for youth, teenagers or kids promotions as well as for adults with tribal or chinese designs. Temporary Promotional Tattoos are easily placed in other products and make excellent promotions that take almost no space or weight. Promotional Temporary tattoos have been used in more or less all soccer world cups, Cricket world cups, Club matches & all major sports events. Promotional body Tattoos / Custom Crystal Tattoos have successfully promoted all major election campaigns. We offer a bespoke service for the manufacture of Custom Made Body Tattoos, Customized Tattoo, Promotional Crystal Tattoos, Logo Tattoos, Power poms, Air freshener etc whether in any kind of work, design or colors. Our customized / Promotional tattoos & products can give contemporary look to any company's, university's, institute's or club's logo. We also provide custom designed products to Fashion Designers, Events management companies, company vendors & other corporate.

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We are also able to package to your requirements.

Once we have received your artwork by disk or attachment we will be able to tell you innovative ways to make your logo as Customized Body Tattoo, Custom Made Tattoos, promotional Stick on Body Jewels, Promo Tattoos, Air Freshener or any other kind. Artwork needs to be sent as a AI, Corel draw format or jpeg ideally at 300dpi resolution. Below are some samples of corporate transfers. (The Indicia depicted on these products are trade mark of respective corporate, university, club or institute.)

Our customers list includes big corporates, chain stores, universities, event management companies etc from USA, Brasil, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Dubai (UAE ), Canada, Latvia, France, Germany, other parts of Europe & all over the world.

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* The Indicia depicted on these products are trade mark of respective corporate, university, club or institute.

Note :- If you don't see something in our catalogue, which you think would be a popular addition to our range, please, feel free to suggest it to us we can produce custom designs for a reasonably competitive price.